The 10 prettiest autumn towns you need to visit

Kate Bettes is a freelance travel writer. Whether having a picnic in Vietnamese jungle with new friends, or partying in the back of a limousine in Hollywood, Kate’s experiences have left her with the sneaking suspicion that the best travel memories happen when you least expect. It’s this feeling - and how to get it - that she loves to write about.

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Comments (6)
  • Jacinta Sydney says:

    Tumbarumba and Tumut in the Snowy Mountains have amazing Autumn colours too. Tumut even has a festival dedicated to Autumn: The Falling Leaf Festival!

  • Jilly says:

    How about inlcuding Bright in Victoria?
    Amazing Autumn colours.
    Has a 10 day festival to celebrate.

  • Jones Yvonne says:

    I live in Orange and agree its the prettiest place in the world.

  • judi clinton says:

    Orange is so very lovely anyway at any season but autumn is particularly spectacular, I winter the stark tracery of trees against the sky, spring with the buds and blossom, summer it is like a lush oasis and then the brilliant colours of autumn, Fabulous!!!

  • Jolly zhao says:

    Great travel statement. I wish we can share more travel experiences each other . Love ur idea .

  • David says:

    Don’t forget the beautiful English village of Burrawang in the NSW Southern Highlands. Spectacular orange and red leaves throughout the village