Photographer Trent van der Jagt finds beauty in vast, repetitive landscapes, simple structures and symmetry. These images were taken on road trips across the country.

In his own words:
“It is easy to get excited, to get that urge to want to see what the world has to offer, to travel to all the exotic countries we so often hear about,” says Trent. “But a lot of people forget that there is so much beauty and adventure sitting right in their backyard.

“My partner and I packed up and embarked on a three-month camping and road-trip adventure across the country to discover just that. I feel it is a very important thing to see and appreciate our own country before being able to appreciate the rest of the world. Our country offers so much magnificence that many often aren’t even aware exists.

“Our trip involved seeing and capturing the aspects of Australia which goes unnoticed, this includes small-town rural Australia, the amazing and endless breadth of the Australian Outback and all the beautiful diversity of our bush and wildlife. I made these images in hopes of expressing these things about our largely undiscovered country and what lies in our amazing backyard.”

NOTE: Trent submitted these beautiful photos to us as part of the Virtnual Internship Program. To read how you can get your words or photos published on the Australian Traveller website, click here.