Driving past the base of Uluru in the NT

Australian Traveller's reasons toHoliday in Australia, still!

After nearly two years of being told to stay put and holiday here, our international borders are open once again. Finally! But the motivation behind this series is to entreat you to think twice before trading here for there just yet. You see, travelling Australia was never really a pandemic-induced consolation prize. And with our internal borders once again being relegated to invisible lines instead of lightning rods that divide us, it goes without saying that now is the perfect time to Holiday Here This Year, still. Let us inspire you to do just that with our offering below.

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Australia is full of surprises: from the most remote island festival in Australia to a winery trail along the Grampians Way. Or how about a seaside, mountain and countryside escape rolled into one or a trio of national parks that need to be experienced together? Then there is the coastal escape that is even better in winter and a whole suite of luxury boutique stays to enjoy. The list goes on and on! Discover these unique experiences and more hidden gems below.