As 2010 Miss Universe Australia and a presenter on Getaway, Jesinta Campbell has trotted around the globe, but this beach-loving babe is most happy at home. Here we chat about all things travel.

1. As a child our family would always… 

Go camping for our holidays (pictured with her sister, Aleysha). We were always at beachside destinations, such as Evans Head, NSW. Some of my greatest childhood memories are of us camping – we had the best time.

2. Now if I have time for a break, I head straight to… 

Melbourne or the Gold Coast. My fiance [AFL footballer Lance (Buddy) Franklin] and I have families in each city so whenever we get any time off we make sure we go and visit them.

3. The best thing about growing up on the Gold Coast was…

The laid-back lifestyle. We were always outdoors, either at the beach or running around our property in the Gold Coast Hinterland. It was the best place to be a kid!

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4. When in my current hometown, Sydney, I recommend people to visit…

Sydney is such an amazing city, there are so many beautiful beaches, cafes, bars and restaurants. There is always something interesting happening in the city.

However, I like to get off the beaten track a little. Head south and visit the Royal National Park and visit Bundeena – the beaches are amazing there!

5. Being a travel presenter on Getaway is…

The dream job! My highlight will always be my first trip when I travelled around India for three weeks.

It is still one of my favourite places in the world. Culturally it is so different to anything I have experienced!

6. My favourite thing to do on holidays is…

Embrace each day and have fun. I like to indulge, relax and explore. I absolutely love to travel but so often I am working at the same time, so when I get the chance to be on holidays I like to do everything at my pace. I can only relax for so long though – once I feel well rested, I like a bit of adventure.

7. My favourite place to stay at in Australia is…

Home on the Gold Coast. Nothing else beats it!

8. I can’t travel without…

A pair of runners. I always like to put them on and explore wherever it is I am staying. I like getting around on foot to orientate myself.

9. The number-one place on my Australian travel bucket list is…

Outback Australia. I want to visit Uluru, the Kimberley and go for a massive road trip around Australia. We really do live in an amazing country.


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