The host of Better Homes and Gardens and House Rules, Johanna Griggs has seen some pretty special places. Here, she tells us her favourite holiday memories and what’s on her bucket list.

1. As a child our family would always…

Spend time in the bush on a family friend’s farm on the way out to Mudgee. We grew up with tales of bushrangers, bushwalking, and exploring the mountains, the Turon River and the Capertee Valley.

It instilled my all-consuming love of the bush and cattle, and we now have a farm and breed Angus cattle.

2. For a short break I head straight to…

Our farm in the lower Hunter Valley. I’ll even sneak up for a day if I can just to escape the madness of the city. Todd (my husband) and I visibly relax even driving there.

3. The best thing about living in Sydney is…

All the coastal walks (especially the Spit to Manly walk), the beaches, the national parks so close to the city, and, of course, the harbour.

If you can’t see beauty everywhere you look, you aren’t trying hard enough.

4. The most interesting places I’ve been to in Australia are…

The entire east coast of Tasmania, and I adore Kangaroo Island and Cape Tribulation. I’m spoilt for choice as I get to travel every week.

5. My idea of a perfect holiday is…

Our honeymoon two years ago to San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York and Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

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We jam-packed the first two weeks full of sightseeing, shows and museums, and then we spent a week relaxing in a resort.

6. My favourite beach in Australia is…

Freshwater Beach. It’s the beach I grew up on, where I did nippers and surf lifesaving, and I spent many days with my boys there when they were young.

It’s a beautiful, safe, protected beach with great rocks to climb on and an ocean pool.

7. My suitcase is filled with…

Sunscreen, moisturiser, hair treatments, a razor, Dove soap, headache tablets, hay fever tablets, eye drops, lip balm, my vitamins, my phone charger and my running shoes!

8. Souvenirs I always collect are…

New Christmas tree decorations. I love Christmas so much and we always try to outdo the previous year.

9. My travel play list includes…

Podcasts like Stuff You Should Know, Serial, Conversations with Richard Fidler, or I listen to audio books or try to learn a language.

TV that I love includes Suits, The Good Wife, Unreal, Broadchurch, Nashville, House of Cards.

10. My last holiday read was…

The Cartel by Don Winslow and Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography. I tend to go between fiction and biographies.

If I’m not reading, I’m doing a jigsaw on my iPad.


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