Australia on a plate: what the food we eat reveals about who we are



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  • Lee Tran Lam says:

    Thanks Lara for talking to me for this wonderfully detailed, in-depth and engaging story – I’m glad I got to join a line-up of great voices celebrating the diversity of Australian cuisine (but also showing how complex the topic can be, too – if only that celebration and appreciation spilled over into politics and there was more accepting, welcoming approaches from our current leaders to asylum seekers and migrants)! I’m glad that your Italian lunch menus inspired a bidding war at school and that attitudes had thankfully evolved from the time your dad arrived here (and had to fight some racist attitudes and endure being beaten up). I’m so sorry that happened and I am glad the playground caught up and evolved! Also, I don’t necessarily think Italian pasta prices are exorbitant, just that Asian noodles aren’t valued in the same way (despite the similar level of craft involved) and it would be great to see fairer appreciation and equivalent prices for both! Anyway, thanks again for exploring the many flavours of the Australian plate and writing such a brilliant story about it!

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