We were inspired to put together the 2013 Bucket List after having one too many conversations about how many new, amazing travel experiences there are popping up in Australia.

Our holidays are no longer just about the flop ’n’ drop – not that there’s anything wrong with that from time to time. Every single story on the Bucket List has been chosen with the aim of inspiring you, so make sure you let us know which ones you feel most strongly about.

If you want to take more time to drink in the Bucket List, have a look at the October/November edition of the magazine – there’s plenty more in there as well. Enjoy the most unforgettable Australian Journeys!

1. Kimberley on Horseback
2. Tasmania’s ‘Saffire’ of barefoot luxury
3. Laura: Festival of ancient dance
4. The designer dirty weekend
5. Snorkel the world’s best-kept secret
6. Trekking Tasmania’s threatened wilderness
7. Crocs, culture, glamping: Ultimate Top End safari
8. Leafing through Booktown
9. Cape York road trip to the tip
10. The South’s sleepiest beach breaks
11. Reasons you must visit MONA
12. Road Train: The unlikely bucker-lister
13. Tragedy and other reasons to write a bucket list
14. Mrs & Mrs Bush Tucker’s new leaf

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