A state-by-state guide to the best B&Bs in Australia. There is something utterly romantic about the humble B&B. In an era when boutique hotels and self-catering apartments are becoming more prevalent, sometimes it’s the small operators who offer the best holiday experience for couples seeking a winter snuggle away from home.

The following privately owned properties go well beyond your typical room-and-breakfast package, offering equal parts personalised service and just the right amount of privacy. There are many wonderful boutique properties that didn’t make the cut for the simple reason that the owners are based off-site or the breakfast part was lacking.
We gave special dispensation to a couple of operators who provide gourmet DIY breakfast hampers, but we wanted this story mostly to champion the B&Bs that do things the old-fashioned way, with a leisurely start over a fresh-cooked and lovingly made breakfast.Have a look at the best B&Bs by state: Victoria
New South Wales
Australian Capital Territory
Northern Territory
Western Australia
South Australia
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