About 4.5 hours drive from Adelaide, Wilpena Pound Resort is Anthology’s first purchase in South Australia adding to the diversity of the experiences offered by the company in other Australian locations.

The Resort is spectacularly located in the Flinders Ranges National Park.
A place where amazing travellers’ tales abound, the story of the Flinders Ranges is traced back to 800 million years ago when natural forces stretched and thinned the earth’s crust, creating a deep hollow.  The sea flooded in depositing huge amounts of rock and debris over the next 300 million years.
Wilpena Pound is a magnificent natural amphitheatre 17km long and 7km wide, and is the centrepiece of the Flinders Ranges National Park.  According to Aboriginal legend, the shape of the Pound is formed by the bodies of two giant serpents which could not move after eating all the people who had gathered there for a ceremony.  St Mary Peak forms the head of the male serpent and Beatrice Hill forms the head of the female.
Also known for its amazing flora and fauna, at least 85 plants of the Flinders Ranges National Park have significant conservation value.
Birdlife is rich and varied with over 100 species of birds calling this area home.  The Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby, once near extinction can now be seen again as a result of a conservation program and the number of echidnas has also increased.
Wilpena Pound Resort, located just to the east of the Pound,  is built on the banks of Wilpena Creek.  It has a long history in Australian tourism and is a second generation family business formerly owned by the highly respected Rasheed family who pioneered tourism development in the Flinders.
The resort has 60 4 star standard rooms, all refurbished in the past 18 months along with many powered and unpowered sites in the 50 hectare campground.   Along with restaurant, bar, bistro, general store and an accredited visitor information centre makes this a one-stop destination for the Flinders Ranges.
Many activities are available to visitors from both domestic and international markets who see this area as being one of the great unspoiled gems in Australia. Guests come to birdwatch, hike the nature trails including sections of the famous Heysen Trail – one of South Australia’s longest walks, and particularly to paint or photograph the amazing richness of colours found in the flowers, trees and rock formations.
The resort offers 4wd tours, guided walks and scenic flights over the area giving guests and visitors the best of what the area can offer.
Anthology works closely with the Dept of Environment and Heritage in SA to integrate best practice conservation and environmental practices. The company also operates the National Park Visitors Centre at the entrance to the resort.
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