7 incredible journeys in one of Australia's best hidden outback gems

Kassia Byrnes is the Native Content Editor for Australian Traveller and International Traveller. She's come a long way since writing in her diary about family trips to Grandma's and has been writing about her travels professionally for over 10 years. She's addicted to travel but has a terrible sense of direction, so you can usually find her getting lost somewhere new around the world. Luckily, she loves to explore and have new adventures – whether that’s exploring the backstreets, bungee jumping off a bridge or hiking for days.

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  • Frank Jackson says:

    Agree. As famous as the Flinders are, they remain under-rated. I’ve been to few places where the light, notably, and obviously, at dawn and dusk, but also in-between, makes so many views, wherever and whenever you look, astounding. And there is always the clear, eery, sense that you are in some of the oldest land- forms on the planet. A living time warp. Awe inspiring, constantly. You make me want to go back.