The best ghost towns in WA to visit

Cassie Wilkins is a freelance travel writer who lives in Perth, WA. After spending seven years travelling the world, she now loves nothing more than heading into the outback, sleeping in a swag under the stars and sharing all the stories of the places she finds along the way.

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Comments (16)
  • Marlene Kerwin says:

    Loved all those towns. Travelled to them over last few years. Thanks for memories.

  • Jan Douglas says:

    Hi, I have been to some of these old towns & will definitely add the others for the future. Appreciate you highlighting these interesting travel stops! Big thanks

  • Gillian Flitcroft says:

    Loved reading your post and incredible history of early settlers and how they survived in this harsh environment. We spent 3.5 yrs travelling Australia and fondly remember walking around Cossack. Thanks Gillian

  • Peter says:

    Excellent. Cant wait to explore history of Broome etc. And the drive from east coast.

  • James Paxton says:

    Brilliant can’t wait to hit the road thanks!

  • Damiano Eades says:

    Very nice story

  • Wendy Rhodes says:

    Really enjoyed your Ghost Towns post .It bought back memories of travelling the outback 1969 -70 caravaning with the family searching the dumps of the abandoned townsfor old bottles .

  • David SIMONETTI says:

    Good stories

  • Danny Trollope. says:

    We were there on the 20August,camped the night. That hotel is amazing it could tell some stories. Hope some government money can save it,maybe even restore it. Great to walk around the old town,thinking of its heyday.

  • Peter Freitag says:

    Been to Gwalia and Kookynie and both well worth the drive. The horse prevented our entry to the pub until it was seduced away by peanuts!

  • Carol says:

    Big Bell is a fascinating town to visit the plaque that contain photographs, history and other interesting titbits bring the town to life. It was a thriving place.
    Cossack is also wonderful. Make sure your visit coincides with the annual arts show. Spectacular.

  • Sissy Norris says:

    Great story, loved the description of each town and location as well as accommodation options. Thanks for the info

  • GasgasLex Photos says:

    Nice article about WAs famous ghost towns. I’ve been and camped / photographed these places and love every opportunity go fossick for history in our Outback. Many more stories still to be unearthed.

  • Naseemukhan. says:

    Very Impressive and Informative.we have explored unknown places.

  • Eric Moore says:

    Thanks Cassie. I found your submissions very informative, descriptive & exciting. Makes me want to plan a long vacation in the cooler part of the year to visit these places. I have always had an interest in old towns, machinery etc & at 71 years of age your story has whet my appetite & these places are for me, a must see. I wS trying to visualise some of the things mentioned but would really like to see these first hand..

  • Robin Prentice says:

    Absolutely fantastic history on all these places. Keep up the great work. I was born in Leonora and certainly visited all these places.