10 iconic wonders to see in Western Australia



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    I’m shocked. I had no idea WA was such an Interesting place.

  • Caroline says:

    Really hope to see some of these one day

  • Prof Mar Coloe says:

    I’m amazed you didn’t feature the oldest living things on the planet. The Thrombolites at lake Clifton and Stromatolites up at Shark Bay. These are only found in WA and one or two other places in the world. The are older than dinosaurs and they needed to supply the oxygen for all later forms of life. I’ve just returned to Melbourne after time in Perth and made sure I went to Lake Clifton.

  • Warwick Nelson says:

    We have seen 50% of the top 10 sites in WA but look forward to doing more.
    A cruise up the Kimberley Coast would be good as well.
    Warwick Nelson

  • Bella Chilcott says:

    Amazing places and photos well done, I hope soon I will be able to visit all these places regards Bella

  • Kate Parke says:

    Simply fantastic & we’ve had the privilege of experiencing most of them. Aren’t we lucky!

  • Ken Caldwell says:

    The Bungle Bungles would have to be one of the least known and most speculator sites in Australia. The colours and the walks, and then Cathedral George. Just amazing.

  • Lyubov Judges says:


  • Alan O'Meara says:

    One day! One day! Before I die,

  • Nada Walker says:

    What a most amazing beautiful place Western Australia is. How lucky are we in Australia to have such beauty. My husband and I Have been to 8 of these places and we definitely want to go back to see the others.