Groote Eylandt: the island where they keep crocs as pets



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  • “Rocket” says:

    Love the sight of that “red ochre “soil visited Darwin 5 years ago loved it unbelievable bit like when l lived in “ Singapore 1971” for 12 months interesting!

  • jerome jeffrey says:

    loved the story . great history

  • Jackie Roser says:

    Can you get to the lodges any other way than flying?

  • Antoinette says:

    What well written article! Reading it was an adventure in itself. It’s given me a new respect and intrigue for the outback. Thank you.

  • Martin Drought says:

    Great read, my son and I might well see you when the stinking virus lets us. We are both fanatical fishers, me in Burrum Heads, him in Melbourne.


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