10 remote island holidays - how and why you must go

October 27, 2022

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  • Avatar Sue Seevers says:

    Tiwi Islands were fascinating! Flew there from Darwin for a day-long tour.
    Crafts and cultural information wonderful, as well as the role of the Tiwi
    Islands in WWII.

  • Avatar Rebecca says:

    Any reason Lord Howe missed the cut? The top 3 are definitely on my wish list, and Wilson Island was stunning.

    • Avatar Editor says:

      Hi Rebecca, Lord Howe is stunning, of course, but we were looking for islands a little less travelled to. We might do ‘Australia’s best islands’ list soon – Lord Howe will be on that!. Cheers, ED

  • Avatar rob says:

    Great list and good (brave) to include Groote Eylandt, but I question the statement that “The low-key resort offers a slice of the local’s life but permits are required for travel here.”

    The Dugong Resort hardly offers “a slice of the local’s life” (sic) but instead a distinctly upmarket stay while on the island. And a permit is not required for travel to the island itself and Alyangula town. Prospective visitors should first visit http://www.anindilyakwa.com.au/permits to clarify if and when they might require one.

  • Avatar pip bevan says:

    South Solitary is great Ilived there 2 years 1956-57 but Montague is much better so much room to roam compared to the Rock.

  • Avatar Angela says:

    Cocos and Christmas Islands are the best kept secrets!! I want them all to myself!!
    Lol – seriously though, just got back from my 3rd trip to Cocos and 1st trip to Christmas and they were both amazing and special and very well worth the trip. I will back again to both for sure!

  • Avatar Martin Pearce says:

    Great list. Mt Augustus, WA, is also a magnificent island … of sorts … a huge rock surrounded by red dirt … if the sea levels rise another 400 metres or so, it will indeed be a true island … and most, if not all (snigger snigger) of the islands on the list won’t be islands. Cheers folks, and have a great xmas and new year.