The best food, bars and coffee in Kyneton, Victoria, number #94 on Australian Traveller’s ‘100 amazing places you haven’t been to yet‘. Nominated by: Simon Griffiths, interiors photographer.

You might have heard of Kyneton, but unless you’re Victorian, chances are you probably haven’t made it there yet. Photographer Simon Griffiths, however, who calls Kyneton home, reckons it’s a brilliant place to have a holiday.

His 1850s cottage is just a hop, step and a jump from the famed Piper Street, lined with heritage-listed bluestone buildings and he says you could just about have a holiday without leaving Piper Street.

“The best bar is Piper Street’s Midnight Starling – it’s quite beautiful, and they do meals as well”. The fact that it’s owned and run by Jacques Reymond’s former head chef, Steve Rogers, says something about the fine food.

“The menu is small and it changes all the time, but it’s always, seriously good – classic bistro food.” And the wine list is chock-a-block with “local wines but also heaps of imported stuff, and all sorts of rare gins and tonics and strange and weird and wonderful things”.

If you’re after coffee or something to eat during the day, Simon recommends Little Swallow (03 5422 6241) for “the best coffee in town” and some genuine country fare.

The old Annie Smithers Bistrot “has just been awarded a chef’s hat and their food is fantastic”.

If you’ve got an apartment or cottage where you’re catering for yourself, or packing a picnic, Simon suggests Piper Street Food Company, which specialises in French charcuterie. “They have some fabulous terrines, rillettes, great sourdough bread. And now they have cooking classes”.

Still talking food, Simon reckons Pizza Verde (03 5422 7400), Kyneton’s “a hip and groovy, wood-fired pizza shop” serves top-notch pizza.

Piper Street is also the place for a little retail indulgence. “There’s some great vintage shopping – not antique but retro. We love Kabinett; it’s a real Aladdin’s Cave. Melissa, who owns it, brings in a lot of interesting vintage stuff from India.”


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