No-one takes the production of organic yet tasty and interesting foodstuffs more seriously than the folk at Daylesford Organics. Heirloom vegetables, fruits, nuts and free range eggs are all grown on this family farm owned by Brendon Eisner and Kate Ulman an hour and a half northwest of Melbourne.

“An amazing little farm punching well above its weight and winning national awards and accolades. Lots of passion, innovation and gumption.” – Alla Wolf-Tasker

Apples from the farm’s organic orchard are best sellers at local food markets and Matt Wilkinson from Melbourne’s Circa The Prince has chosen Daylesford Organics’ heirloom radishes for his seasonal menu.

The small production heirloom vegetables come in all sorts of shapes and colours. For example the abundant radish varieties; French Breakfast, Helios, Plum Purple and the Philadelphia White Box are red, yellow, white and purple, each with their own taste and texture.

The experience goes beyond the flavour explosion on the plate. Lucky visitors walk thought the rows of vegetables to get to the shop and if time permits, you can be given an impromptu tour and passionate discourse from either Eisner or Ulman’s while you pick your veggies.

On Eisner and Ulman’s blog, the family updates fans on what’s happening on the land. Those interested can follow the growth of their snap peas, take delight in fawning over carrots, or track Kate as she makes blackberry jam, moments after the fruit is plucked from the trees. As panellist Michael Ryan yearns: “I wish there were more places like this.”

Did you know: Radishes, according to Matt Wilkinson from Circa The Prince, are the new “it” vegetable. Slice some into a salad before they go out of vogue.

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