The most beautiful aspect of this experience (aside from the experience itself)? Anyone with a driver’s licence, some common sense and around $120 to spend per person, per night can do it. Book your yacht and you’ll be sent off aboard your new floating home in the direction of whichever island takes your fancy (and there are 74 to choose from).

Sleep, cook and eat on board, and spend your days snorkelling, hiking, picnicking, fishing and exploring the islands on foot and by water at your own speed. It’s not called bareboating because they’re empty (you’ll find everything from bed linen to bottle openers ready for you), but because there’s no crew – just you, your family and your friends. And maybe anyone you owe a very big favour.

Runners-up: Best Cruising Experience

2. Cruising the Kimberly coastline, WA
3. Cruising Sydney Harbour, NSW
4. Cruising on a big liner
5. Sailing on Ningaloo Reef, WA

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