Dry, dusty and sparse – three words that are excellent for describing the outback.

Dry, dusty and sparse – three words that are excellent for describing the outback. And the lengthy look down the Oodnadatta Track, which seems almost endless from William Creek in far northern South Australia, isn’t too far from that description either. With a population of three permanent residents and two workers, William Creek is offici+ally the smallest town in South Australia. Despite that, it’s situated smack in the middle of the world’s largest working cattle property, Anna Creek Station, which is almost half the size of Tassie.
“William Creek has a pub, a parking meter for a Cessna and bits of Woomera rocket on the old Ghan railway platform. Utterly unique.”
– Peter Robinson
As original as a bush boozer can get, the William Creek Pub is like a life-size scrapbook. Thousands of mementos are nailed to the wall, from bras to business cards, drivers’ licenses, passport photos (AT panellist Fleur Bainger’s is up there, apparently) and anything else passers-by can use to mark the significance of their journey through town while enjoying a refreshing cold beer. But it’s not just a watering hole; it’s a bush mechanics’ outpost, a petrol station, a camping ground, a restaurant and a hotel.

The town can be easily accessed by the town’s only airstrip, while scenic flights are run during “winter” or any other times when there’s water in nearby Lake Eyre.

Where? //165km east of Coober Pedy, 1000km (14hrs) northwest of Adelaide, it really is in the middle of nowhere.

Did you know? //
William Creek Pub is the only iron corrugated hotel left trading in South Australia.



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