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Creating a sense of community in this time of social distancing has never been more important, which is why we’ve created the Australian Traveller Book Club. Join us each month as we lose ourselves in the joy of reading a good book that sticks to the theme or travel or place and be transported as we wait out this crisis.

How to join our book club

How does it work?

Each month one member of the Australian Traveller team will pick a book which will either have the key themes of travel or a strong sense of place where the setting is central to the narrative of the story.

1. We will announce our book of the month here on our website, Instagram, Facebook, and via email at the start of each month.

2. Get a copy of the book and let us know you’re joining each month by a photo of the book on Instagram using the hashtag #austtravellerbookclub to your Instagram Stories or feed. Alternatively, comment on our Facebook post to let us know you will be joining us.

3. Follow our Instagram and Facebook stories throughout the month and engage with our updates and questions by replying directly to the stories or share your own thoughts on the book as you read with us by using the #austtravellerbookclub and tagging @austtraveller on Instagram (just don’t post any spoilers!).

4. Head to our Facebook page at midday on the last Thursday of each month for our video review and to discuss the book in the comments.

How to stay connected with the community

1. Join the book club each month by taking a photo of the book and tagging us on Instagram using our handle @austtraveller and the hashtag #austtravellerbookclub. 

2. Tag a friend and get them to join the book club with you.

3. We will share your tagged posts on our Instagram and Facebook stories.

4. Comment on our Facebook discussion posts throughout the month and reply to our Instagram stories.

5. On the last Thursday of every month we will share a video of our thoughts on the book on Facebook and ask you to join the discussion in the comments below.

6. The top answers to the questions will be published on our website.

Past book club reads

Are you in search of more good books to read? If you missed our previous book club picks you can find them below. Just don’t read the reviews to avoid any spoilers.


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