Experience No.019 in Australian Traveller Magazine’s 100 Greatest Australian Gourmet Experiences. Great food markets are a nostalgic gourmet experience. At the Central Markets in Adelaide the fierce competition leads to better, fresher and cheaper produce than anywhere else in the city.

On the market’s very first day in January 1869, the stock sold out by 6am.

Right in the heart of the CBD, the Central Markets make all other city workers jealous of the people in Adelaide; for the past 140 years they’ve been able to buy lunch, groceries and baked goods with more choices than a supersized supermarket.

Every imaginable legal food is stocked in this Aladdin-cave of market halls. Artisan cheeses, smoked meats and bread, plus all your groceries and every gourmet style deli produce from Italian and Greek to Thai and Turkish.

On the market’s very first day in January 1869, the stock sold out by 6am. But judging by the spud mountains and towers of fruit on display nowadays, vendors aren’t going to let the same mistake happen twice.

Stands for mettwurst, smelly cheese and organic nuts jostle for space with dozens of fresh vegetable vendors. Haggling is part of the shopping etiquette, as is taste testing and free samples. If you’re here close to quitting time, the competition gets fierce and the bargains grand as everything is reduced to clear. If you miss out, don’t worry; they’re open every day except Sunday and Monday.

Where: Gouger St, Adelaide. (08) 8203 7203, www.adelaidecentralmarket.com.au  

Did you know:
Adelaide’s Central Markets are one of the most popular destinations in Australia, with 1.3 million people visiting every month.

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