Latest gadgets reviewed 

Fast shooter
Canon’s new EOS 1100D is billed as delivering quality images as effortlessly as a compact camera. Which is big talk, considering novice DSLR camera operators can spend so much time figuring out the right settings that they sometimes lose the shot entirely – the bird flies away, the sun sets. The camera is designed to be the next step up from a point-and-shoot because it has many of the features of more expensive models but with simpler, more intuitive settings. It also comes in a choice of three body colours: red, grey and traditional black. Body only, $699; Twin IS kit, $1199. 1800 021 167;

Cinema slope 
Recently, we reviewed a pair of underwater video camera goggles while on location at Mission Beach, Qld. The Liquid Image goggles were a very cool way to record your snorkelling adventures hands-free. Now, just in time for the ski season, the same company has released Summit Series video goggles. While we haven’t tried these ourselves, we’re itching to. They feature a 135-degree wide-angle lens and large buttons so you can operate them while wearing gloves, and hold a 32GB Micro SD card to capture every twist and turn of every run. They’re water resistant and have anti-fog, impact-resistant lenses (ionised and amber for glare resistance). $449;
Small wonder
While it’s fashionable to go pro when buying a new camera, it’s not always practical to lug around a huge DSLR with multiple lenses on your travels. Even if you do have all the gear, sometimes it’s nice to have a trusty back-up to turn to when you go off on an adventure with just a small daypack on your back. The Olympus XZ-1 is a new compact model that suits most occasions.  It’s got a 4x wide-angle zoom lens, 10 mega-pixel sensor, manual and semi-automatic exposure modes and low picture noise so it doesn’t scare off local wildlife. For hipsters, there’s also six art filters to give your pics a bit of extra personality, such as pop art, soft focus, grainy film, pinhole, diorama and dramatic tone. $xxx; 1300 659 678;