The 9 oldest pubs in Australia to make you step back in time

Chloe Cann is a freelance travel and food writer, born in England, based in Melbourne and Roman by adoption. While the strength of a region's food scene tends to dictate the location of her next trip, she can be equally swayed by the promise of interesting landscapes and offbeat experiences. And with a small person now in tow, travel looks slightly different for her these days.

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Comments (7)
  • Avatar Yvonne Pearsall says:

    Daly Waters Pub looks really interesting! One day………………

  • Avatar Rick Cole says:

    Makes me want to have a beer at each of the pubs .

  • Avatar catherine currieJo says:

    You probably don’t know about the Red Hill Hotel in Chewton, Victoria. Established in 1854, still trading in our sleepy village where gold was first discovered in Australia. Our town has a rich and varied history.

  • Avatar Noel Pidgeon says:

    The Lion of Waterloo in Wellington NSW was licensed in 1841. Slab walls still standing and the best pub west of the mountains.

  • Avatar Anne Carins says:

    Love the commentary & insight into the heritage of Australian pubs.

  • Avatar Hilary Gardiner says:

    George 1V Inn Picton is older than most here. Built for convicts to stay on way to Berrima.

  • Avatar Roger Parker says:

    Thanks for sharing , would like to visit. and see the pubs for myself one of these days.