Isabelle Clarke, 14, 'teen concierge' at Marriott Melbourne.

Isabelle Clarke, 14, works at Marriott Melbourne as a ‘teen concierge’. Here, the vintage clothes lover gives you the lowdown on where teens are flocking to these days.

Pizza of the action

Melbourne offers great quality Italian restaurants over a wide area of the city and inner suburbs. Pizza places such as Plus 39, DOC,, Ladro and Portone are my top picks for delicious pizza topped off with good Melbourne hospitality.

Pick of the picnic spots

Imagine enjoying a picnic with your friends while surrounded by the city skyline, sparkling Yarra River waters and beautiful gardens. The Melbourne Botanical Gardens, Parliament Gardens and the gardens and grass areas along the Yarra River are ideal for perfect picnics. Throw down a rug, grab a takeaway salad or sandwich from the neighbouring cafes and you’re all set.

Vintage Shopping

Vintage Shopping is a ‘must-do’ for any shopping fan hoping to get the true Melbourne experience. Classic shops such as Comeback Kid, Moustache, Clear iT and Retrostar offer individual pieces that are truly one of a kind!

Laneways are Melbourne

Ask any Melbournian to describe their city in a few words and “laneways” is sure to come up. Visiting these tiny, European-esque spaces are a great way to capture the pure essence of Melbourne’s food, music, culture and creativity for free! Places such as Hosier Lane (near Federation Square on Flinders Street) often let you see graffiti artists in action! The blue cobblestones, which line these hidden treasures, make it just that much more authentic – you’ll be itching to post your photos to Instagram ASAP.

The Sporting capital

Melbourne is commonly introduced as being the sporting capital of Australia and the AFL is partly to thank for this. Nothing could be any more ‘Melbourne’ than having your footy team’s scarf wrapped around our neck, (they help keep you warm from the typical, cool Melbourne weather too) beef pie in one hand and a packet of Twisties in the other whilst listening and watching thousands upon thousands of true, footy fans barracking for their favourite team. See