A guide to 30 of Australia's iconic Big Things



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  • John Geoghegan says:

    Not many people are aware of the BIG WHEELBARROW in Port Hedland entrance into their Light Industrial Area of Wedgefield.

  • Scott says:

    The big trout, Talbingo an oldie but a goodie.

  • Leanne Bottomley says:

    Kate, Carla, you’ve outdone yourselves. This has to be my favourite “list of (insert whatever)” article on a travel website ever. I knew we had lots, but I didn’t know there were that many. That potato though…….if there wasn’t a sign in front saying it was “the big potato” …..it’s grey…….and shaped like a log…..

  • Carol Carbino says:

    Wow loved the ones that are pictured

  • Casey Toohey says:

    In Warrnambool, Victoria there is a Big Seal built for local legend Sammy the Seal.

  • D. Booth says:

    Australia has great big idea and iconic statues. There are so many more to build. Tourism is a great way to bring people and money to country areas.