When AT rang George Biron to chat about Sunnybrae Restaurant and Cooking School, he was out watering the truffle trees. The two-year-old grove is his pride and joy, along with the rest of the kitchen garden. All 1.5 acres of it. From a farm near Birregurra two hours southwest of Melbourne, Biron’s weekly intimate cooking classes and dinners make the most of produce that makes the field-to-fridge journey in under a minute.

“George Biron is a wonderful talent” – Michael Ryan

At the moment pumpkins, cucumbers, tomatoes and a whole lot of lettuce are on hand for basic salads but Biron’s edible succulents provide more unusual flavours for the palate. The large asparagus bed, fruit orchard and 300-tree olive grove provide for the table too. Biron saves the annual 60 litres of olive oil for dressing because the taste is too good for cooking but anything else is up for grabs during class.

Whether it’s wood oven bread baking, hand-churned, sabayon-based ice cream or using young goat, Biron caters classes to his students’ needs. The one-day sessions for 12 people cost $110 and conclude with a long lunch where you get to devour everything you’ve made.

4285 Cape Otway Rd, Birregurra Vic. (03) 5236 2276, www.sunnybraerestaurantandcookingschool.blogspot.com

Did you know: Quite aside from joining one of George’s excellent classes, the cooking school’s blog is an excellent place to learn recipes, growing tips, bakers tips and a host of other culinary secrets.


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