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Having lived and worked all his life in a capital city, Ian Kenins has always welcomed rural assignments as a kind of paid retreat. “Cruising empty highways offers time to think,” he says.



“As well as the expectation of seeing and photographing something along the way.” He’s learnt that it’s a pleasure best enjoyed alone, however, having annoyed his girlfriend with too many screeching halts followed by u-turns just to photograph some “bloody old bridge” or “run-down railway station.”



Most of Kenin’s bush travels have involved photographing farmers and off-the-beaten-track sporting events.



But just one of the images in this rural selection was taken for a specific assignment – the rest are purely snapshots taken en route to or from a particular destination. As idyllic a work situation as that sounds, the search for the perfect shot can be fraught with danger. “I’m certain my habit of scanning the surrounding landscape while driving will end one day with my car crumpled against a tree,” says Kenins. “While a crusty old farmer walks past a windmill towards his tractor, silhouetted by a sunset blazing on the horizon.”





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