If you’ve ever wanted to stand as close as practically possible to the geographic centre of Australia, then the Larapinta Trail, through the West MacDonnell National Park near Alice Springs, is the place for you.

You get to stand on peaks and see for miles and miles, relax in sheltered, beautiful and refreshing waterholes, and explore hidden gorges. Early mornings and watching the sun go down are – as you might expect – particularly magical moments in this magnificent and truly Australian landscape.

“Witness and experience firsthand the landforms that inspired Albert Namatjira.”
– Suzi Petkovski

The Larapinta runs for 223km and takes about two weeks to walk, but is helpfully split into 12 relatively bite-sized sections. Access to each is easy by road, making it possible to do just the short bits if you like. Good facilities for camping are also available along the route.

Did you know?
Officially, there’s no centre of Australia. This is because there are many complex but equally valid methods of determining the centre of a large, irregular shaped area – especially one that sits on the curved surface of the Earth. Most of these methods put the centre of Australia somewhere very near Hermannsburg, in the Northern Territory.

How to get there
Qantas and Virgin Blue have regular flights to Alice Springs from most major cities in Australia.

The Larapinta Trail begins at the old Alice Springs Telegraph Station.

Best time to go
Plan your walk between April and October

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