Driving the Nullarbor – everything you need to know



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  • North Plain Field Jensen says:


  • sharron says:

    great website , I want to travel across the great nullarbor in June this year. Are the winds cross the Nullarbor bad coming from Melbourne to Perth the winds going across the Nullarbor in June very bad from Melbourne

  • Michael Tennant says:

    Any way i can find out re disabled services on the trip

    • Editor says:

      Hi Michael, Your best bet is to contact one of the organisations who specialize in disabled travel information. Good places to start? LeisureOptions.com.au – TravAbility.travel – disabilityonline.community — Hope they are able to help. Look forward to hearing about your Nullarbor adventure. Regards

  • Jim Orrock says:

    Remind me never to order a hotdog at the Iron Knob roadhouse! My tip – you must stand at the smallish bar in the Cocklebiddy roadhouse around dusk and have a cleansing ale and take in the endless space. Ah, the serenity!

  • Cat says:

    I am sooo looking forward to driving this now after such a great write up

  • Peter McLean says:

    Thanks for the rundown, son and his partner are about to start their 100 day adventure and heading west is the start of it. Thanks for the advise.
    Regards Peter

  • Steve says:

    I’m going to attempt it next week, Sydney to Perth and I’m hoping I can do it in 4 days safely.