Australia's all-time greatest road trips revealed

October 28, 2022

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  • Avatar Tammy says:

    How can the Coorong National Park SA not be in the top 100
    Magnificent scenery in one hour we saw a wombat, roos, emus, echidna, Goanna and masses of native birdlifezz

  • Avatar gordon rice says:

    very informative

  • Avatar Jolene Ejmont says:

    great read! thank you!
    i’d love to do more road trips around Australia!

  • Avatar Vicki Winfield says:

    Hi,, Please I am trying to understand a bit more about drive trails and wondered if you could please tell me who these drive trips are targeted at and whether you promote them anywhere else except on the website here. I’d also be interested in any usage figures or information you might have….that is are the drive trails successful….maybe you have number of hits on the website, or feedback figures? Anything would be appreciated. Many thanks Vicki