The Greatest South Australian Road Trips

I’ll never forget my first trip to South Australia. Although it was a while before I managed to get there, once I did, I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long. I’ve since looked for any excuse to find my way back down.

What struck me on my first visit to the idyllic Adelaide Hills was the absolute storybook landscapes. I felt as though I was walking through the pages of a fairytale: rolling hills blanketed in yellow blooms, adorable stone cottages, and a vast, uninterrupted sky.

Better yet, this setting came with beautiful produce and wines that are the envy of the world. All that in just one small pocket of one incredible state!

Since then, I’ve explored other corners and crevices, but it’s never enough. One trip inevitably reveals another town or experience to be scribbled on the list for next time. Because there is so much to absorb, the six South Australian touring routes we’ve featured in this special book are a brilliant way to squeeze as much out of a trip as possible.

From a dusty outback drive along the Explorer’s Way, to a gastronomic journey through wine country on the Epicurean Way, and chasing the freshest oysters along the Seafood Frontier, there is a drive to suit anyone.

Of course, there’s also a meandering sojourn through Murray River country, and salt-spray-filled drives along the Coastal Way and the Southern Ocean Drive – collect all six for your travel cache.

It’s up to you how you pace these drives. You might linger longer in certain towns, take a few of your own detours, or stick to a schedule.

Whatever you choose to do, you can be sure each of these road trips will only serve to ignite your wanderlust for the next one.

I’ve already bookmarked my next southerly excursion. Which route will you take?

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Lara Picone, editor