Score: 9.05

To be honest, we were stunned when this didn’t come out as #1 – after all, the Big Lap is not just one great experience but a patchwork of the many and varied spanning this great continent of ours. And who has not fantasised about undertaking this great journey (if indeed you haven’t already)? In any case, we’re thrilled to see it in the top three. It doesn’t matter whether you edge the coastline or dive into the interior; road tripping your way ’round our incredible country is not just a holiday, it’s a lifetime highlight.

Don’t wait

Finding the months (years?) required to take this journey isn’t easy, but at least you can find solidarity in numbers. According to a 2014 survey, almost a third of Australians have taken a sabbatical or extended career break in order to travel – and no, not between uni semesters. Most were well over the age of 30 when they did so.

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