The Frames, Paringa, in the Riverland, SA, number 4 on Australian Traveller’s ‘100 amazing places you haven’t been to yet‘. Nominated by: Stefano de Pieri, chef and restaurateur.

The Frames,” says Stefano de Pieri, “are an act of faith and madness,” and he’s probably right. To build a series of ultra-luxurious hideaways on the riverside of Paringa (population: 946), a town on the edge of the South Australia-Victoria border would be a breathtakingly expensive exercise… but to build just three? Faith and madness.

“They’re perfect,” de Pieri adds. “You know how people talk about escapes? Well, you really feel that here. Perfect bed, amazing shower, everything is beautifully appointed – and there’s something ‘more’ here, too,” he says.

“It sounds a bit silly, but each apartment (for want of a better word), is self-contained. Combine that with the view, and that location, and you just forget whatever it is you’re worrying about.

“The Frames are a secret pocket of bliss.” (From $750 a night)




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