Each issue Australian Traveller captures a stunning Aussie location. This time, we look at Misery Beach on WA’s far south coast. Photo by Andrew Gregory

How could somewhere this stunning be named Misery Beach? Pink granite cliffs plunge into translucent turquoise waters just off Western Australia’s Far South Coast, 20 kilometres south of Albany, within King George Sound.
Photographer Andrew Gregory captured this shot while researching Australia’s best kayaking locations for his book Kayaking Around Australia.
“The water here is quite deep and protected, which is ideal for kayakers, so you can get really close to the cliffs,” says Andrew. “White sand surrounds the waterline, adding to the dramatic colour scheme of the area.”
The beach got its name because a large whaling station used to operate just north of Misery Beach at Frenchman Bay. Until it ceased operation in 1978, blood and whale remains were regularly washed ashore. The last station of its kind to close in Australia, it has since become a popular tourist attraction and the now-pristine surrounding waters are again brimming with sealife, including seals
and dolphins.
Kayaking Around Australia, (Explore Australia Publishing, $34.95)
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