Dig out those walking boots and join in Auswalk’s latest itinerary through the Grampians. The Great Grampian Trek




Dig out those walking boots and join in Auswalk’s latest itinerary through the Grampians. 

Auswalk is known for its innovative range of Inn-to-Inn walking holidays, and now they’ve come up with their latest walk – crossing through Victoria’s Grampians as part of the Grampians Traverse walk.

Starting out from Lake Lonsdale and making your way towards the picturesque valley of Pomonal, over the five days (on just three of which you’ll be actually walking), you’ll be hiking through a mix of rugged mountain ranges and meandering by flowing streams surrounded plenty of bird life.

There’s also no shortage of spectacular views, such as when you reach the peak of Halls Gap Valley. From here, you’ll be able to get a birds’ eye view of the lush Halls Gap Valley, and get a good idea of how much more of a walk you’ll be doing!

You’ll be able to do this trip comfortably as you’ll be walking at your own pace, carrying nothing other than your daypack. Your luggage will be moved ahead from one accommodation spot to the next, while you spend the day exploring. At the end of each day your inn or B&B – depending where you’re staying – will greet you with a hot meal and a comfy bed for you to rest your weary feet.

The Grampians Traverse can be started any day of the year for a minimum of two people booking together. It costs $895 per person for the self-guided trip and $1595 for the guided trip.

For more info, check out www.auswalk.com.au – and have a read of AT’s past story, Guided versus Solo Walks, to find out what other guided walks are offered by Auswalk.

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