A suburban shopping strip provides an unlikely setting for the elegant space brimming with light and style: Ascot Vale’s No.19

A non-descript shopping strip in the Melbourne suburb of Ascot Vale seems an incongruous setting for somewhere like No. 19, the highly stylised yet timeless cafe owned by Domenic and Diana Caruso.

Working with Melbourne-based creative studio Biasol, the finished space manages to communicate a welcoming feel in spite of the fact it is rendered almost completely in concrete.

“We initially asked for a concrete lot,” says Domenic of the design.

“Literally a space that looked like it had been erected from the ground up and belonged in the middle of NYC, part of the concrete jungle.”

The design was inspired by the Greek delicatessens that flourished in Melbourne in the 1950s, convivial places that fostered a sense of community, much like No. 19 today.

Light streams into the body of the cafe through skylights in the 4.5-metre-high ceilings, with shots of vibrant Aegean blue adding to the airy vibe. Sleek brass fittings provide an extra layer of elegance.

Biasol also had a hand in everything from the coasters to the crockery, effectively marrying the interiors to the No. 19 brand to delightful effect.


The Details: No.19 cafe, Ascot Vale (Melbourne)

Location: 214 Union Road, Ascot Vale.

Design Firm: Biasol

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