Radio presenter and comedian Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross takes a trip down memory lane, to his home town Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

1. In Back of the Holden

Three boys in the back of the car. Living in the suburbs your family car is everything. We all used to sit on the tailgate at the beach, the park or when we stopped on a break while driving to a holiday destination.

2. The beach

Growing up on the Mornington Peninsula meant heading to the beach all year round. My memories of the beach in winter are as fond, if not fonder, than the summer memories. We walked along the beach as a family and let the dog discover dead seagulls, trying to bring them up to us for a treat.

3. Neighbours

Dad found an old concrete pond and filled it up with water and we used it as a makeshift swimming pool. It was so rad even the neighbours came round. It’s an indication of how isolated we were in the ’burbs. It’s a cliché but they were simpler times – we ran under the sprinkler, made Icy Poles and watched the cricket on TV. Then at night we sweated it out during the still, summer nights without fans or air conditioning. We were happy.

4. Our family home

Mum and Dad bought a block of land in very, very suburban Mt Eliza in the early 1960s and built a simple project home on a bush block – it was my home until I moved out in 1989. It was a wonderful home that was added to over time and the acres of bush surrounding us was the perfect place to play and explore as we grew up. Up until the late ’70s we had koalas in our backyard and wallabies down the road.

5. Three boys

Having older brothers, despite the endless torture, is a marvellous thing. My two big brothers have always had my back. When I watched our dog being run over as a kid I ran to my brother Stephen’s arms while I sobbed and 20 years later when our Nanna passed away I found myself doing the same thing. We now live different lives but our bond from childhood keeps our relationship strong. My brothers are the finest men I know.


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