Here’s a challenge; see if you can find another town named purely with digits.

We couldn’t. The curiously monikered town of 1770 was named for the year Lieutenant Cook (he was yet to be made Captain at this point) landed on Australian shores. It’s commonly referred to as the birthplace of Queensland as it was his second landing after Botany Bay, NSW.

Development of the town has moved at a glacial pace; it wasn’t until 1936 that 1770 was officially named in commemoration to Cook, and it would be another 43 years before the first shop opened. Nonetheless, change is inevitable and this sleepy historic hollow with its transcendent ocean views is now far from undiscovered. The region’s beauty that once attracted Cook’s attention is drawing tourists in numbers with its close proximity to the Reef and its unmistakable Queensland ambiance.

Where // 1770 is a six-hour drive north from Brisbane along the coast of Central Queensland. Check out 

Did you know? // The town of 1770 is the closest stepping off point from which to access the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.

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