A Reader Review of Girraween National Park


AT reader Joe Jarick from Kenmore Hills in Queensland explores the boulder ranges and unusual granite outcrops of Girraween National Park.  


My favourite secret holiday spot uses Girraween Camping Ground in far southern Queensland as a base. Equally, a visitor could travel from Stanthorpe or Tenterfield.

Girraween National Park is south of Stanthorpe and close to the NSW border on the Queensland side, but somewhat remote through being quite a ways off the main highway. However, it’s well worth the drive to get there. Over a number of trips to the area and spending a few days, I’ve experienced several amazing walks into the boulder range that’s rather isolated. The walks take you up onto the granite formations, from where you can see for miles across the numerous granite boulders and uniquely rounded formations.
Incredibly, any time I’ve been there I’ve encountered very few visitors and so you’re left with the impression that you’re truly in a secret (and, due to the granite boulder formations, almost out of this world) place.
Additionally, when using a 4WD there’s plenty of opportunity to travel relatively short distances to the eastern areas of the park where there’s flatter country but much more isolated picnic spots.

Again, there’s a wonderful sense of solitude as there are many grassy areas beside creeks where you can picnic completely undisturbed – apart from the occasional wallaby or background birdcalls.

I’ve never encountered anyone when poking around the back of the park. It’s definitely my very favourite secret place in Australia.


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