Australia’s 5320km-long Dingo Fence might be the world’s longest fence, but is it – more importantly – the world’s most musical? To answer that, you need to head to Winton in outback Qld.

Winton’s Musical Fence, designed by Australian composer Graeme Leak, is a purpose-built wire fence that can be plucked and bowed like a giant stringed instrument and is believed to be the only permanent musical fence installation in the world.

It was inspired by the near-obsessive pastime of two very special musicians who, beginning in 2002, embarked on a very unusual project. The two radical violinists – Australian Jon Rose and the renowned and equally difficult to categorise Hollis Taylor from the US – set out on a bizarre 35,000km odyssey to (get this) play all the major Australian fences. The Dingo fence, the rabbit-proof fence, Winton’s Musical Fence – all these and more were played by the curious duo with their violin bows, creating a highly unusual sound as they went.

For more on the Great Fences Project, check out – or to try the phenomenon for yourself, head to Winton.

Where // Winton is 850km west of Rockhampton in Qld, and the Musical Fence is near the industrial estate right next to the Diamantina Heritage Truck and Machinery Museum out on the Winton to Hughenden road.

Did you know? // The town of Winton is famous for many things, including being the place where “Waltzing Matilda” was written by Banjo Paterson in 1895.


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