The Rise of Brisvegas?



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  • Jen says:

    I don’t see any other comments. Are they not fit for delicate eyes? I’ll bet you copped it for this post. Anyway, here’s my comments. Read them in a friendly tone because (as I say in point 2) I mostly agree with you.

    1. So don’t come. I don’t care. I’ve lived here forever and really, it was nicer before the great migration. You said Brisbane people complain about the influx. You were right. So are we.
    2. On the whole I agree with just about everything you said. If I were you, I’d stay home.
    3. I don’t holiday here either.
    4. Restaurants here are mostly overpriced and generally disappointing in quality. I’m not telling anyone about the rare good ones because I want to be able to get a table there myself occasionally.
    5. There are vast numbers of bogans, especially in the Valley, unlike Sydney, er wait a minute!
    6. It is hard to find somewhere good to go after dark, let alone after 9pm, even on the weekend. That sucks. One would think that someone from the southern invasion would open fabulous places to go, even for their own amusement.

    Some twit knocked down Cloudland. Now that’s a reason to boycott the place.

    Please swim at Southbank, that means a lot less people at my favourite beach.

    I’m not trying to convince anyone that “Brisbane has changed” in order to induce even more people to join the vast majority of non-Brisbane originals. We must be outnumbered at least 20 to 1 and constantly hear the moans and groans about everything that is wrong with the place. Most of what is wrong with it began with the arrival of the southern multitude. Narrow streets not fit for heavy traffic. Rising house prices. The pathetic state of Fortitude Valley, which used to be quite nice. The sense that we somehow “need” to be seen to be arty and cultural. I couldn’t care less. I have made my living out of art, design and creative pursuits since long before anyone was critiquing Brisbane’s art scene or lack thereof. And the Ekka! Well I would love to go, but it doesn’t exist any more. Some dill put a tunnel underneath to help the city cope with the increase in traffic and now the thing called the Ekka is a sad tacky remnant of its previous self.

    I could go on…let me think… Well I did try to move. To the Gold Coast actually, but the vendor reneged on the sale so naturally I blamed the whole Gold Coast for this and decided not to move there. I love Melbourne but really … the cold! I went to Sydney last Australia Day to see the fabulous fireworks on the bridge. No fireworks on the bridge. Well thanks you could’ve warned me. Sydney is pitifully dirty anyway so no real love lost there. I do quite like the Queen Vic building and the Strand Arcade though, oh and Taronga zoo.

    So why live in Brisbane? Because my family live in Brisbane. My wonderful family comprised of my kids who were born here, my husband from South Australia and my son and daughter-in-law who are both from Melbourne. Ha ha ha!

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