Gulargambone: the middle of nowhere



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  • Kathryn says:

    Well, well, I am so glad someone else shares my opinion of beautiful Gulargambone. In the mid 1980’s, I used to take my (then) young children and stay at Blamford Downs (the G’Day Holiday Farm) every year (for three years). My (now) adult children still reminisce and talk about it today! First of all, the wonderful experiences we shared on that farm getting on the back of motorbikes to help muster the sheep, bottle feeding potty lambs, the fabulous BBQ’s we shared with the extremely hospitable and friendly owners, Ken and Anne Graham, on the banks of the Castlereagh River (that ran through the property) and so many other memorable activities. The highlight was when we leased an old caravan (back in those days) that had a water connection attached to a tap. To my horror (and my children’s unbridled amusement), the tap just happened to be located inside the fence of a paddock that housed a very bad tempered young bull! Of course, my children used to fall about laughing as I nearly impaled myself (on a number of occasions) on that fence avoiding the up-close-and-personal attentions of that territorial bull. One of the reasons we loved staying at Gulargambone was its close proximity to the amazingly beautiful and remote Warrumbungle NP which is full of kangaroos, wallabies and wonderful picnic spots. Also, Gulargambone is a day’s trip away from the iconic and incredibly interesting LIGHTNING RIDGE which, by the way, gets my vote as one of the best towns in Australia to visit – it has more eccentrics in this little town than you can poke a stick at! En route to Lightning Ridge, we also made a 90 km detour to another fantastic little town called “COME-BY-CHANCE”. We specifically drove there because my elder son was collecting those travel spoons. Imagine our delight after bouncing along on a dirt road for 90 kms to find a little isolated shop near the famous race track. When I asked the proprietor if she had any collector spoons, she climbed a ladder, reached to the back of the top shelf and located a very old (and dusty) box containing a collector spoon that looked like it had been there since the late 19th century! My son was ecstatic. Yep, Gulargambone holds some great memories for us.

  • wayne Bills says:

    Visited once in late 80’s..stayed at the dad worked at the timber mill as Orderman..Mayford Bills..married my mother from Gilgandra..aunty had a little house just west of the town..remember picking mushrooms in early morning..wonder how many Smiths, Bills, Whites r still there..great place & would love to visit again

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