Big Potato



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  • Denny Bissell says:

    This is so cool. I wish it would have gone as they dreamed. I hope to see more about it in the future and just the story stirs the heart. I’m glad it wasn’t mountain oysters.

  • The Big Potato | Lachlan + Cathy says:

    […] wonder if there will be anywhere in the US quite as cool as The Big Potato. americaaustraliabig thingsrobertsonsouthern highlandsthe big potatotravel Share Tweet […]

  • Aaron sharwwod says:

    It was actually my father and grandfather that built the big spud by hand with there farrow concrete pump as spud growers themselves would be sad to see it neglected as there is a lot of hard work behind in the spud paddock an off leave it be it’s an icon if people don’t like don’t look at it

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