100 Incredible Travel Secrets #14 Bangalow, NSW



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  • Absolutely Fantastic! As a long term resident and tourism operator, it is fantastic to finally see Bangalow get the recognition it deserves as a holiday destination in its own right. Fine dining, incredible produce, quaint country drives, boutique shopping and with a melting pot of people in the community from macadamia farmers to movie directors, Bangalow has certainly come into its own strength as the jewel of the Byron Bay Hinterland. How wonderful that we can share our beautiful village with the rest of the world.

    Francesca Esposito-Rose
    SummerHills Retreat Bangalow accommodation

  • rachel ayland says:

    I absolutely agree..I run a custom made shoemaking business on the outskirts of Bangalow and have lived here for 14 years now…i love walking down my main street every day and being able to buy everything i need..organic veg, fresh fish,naturopathy supplies,hardware,gifts for friends etc etc andi love that people in this town know each other enough so if a stranger comes to town looking for “The Shoemaker”..they will find me

  • Madeleine Harasty says:

    Interested in the accommodation, would require twin beds or 2 bedrooms and also the tariff. Very interested in the music festival.

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