National parks? Check. Surf beach? Check. River? Check. Largest caravan park in NSW? Check. Overcrowded holiday destination? Er . . . not so much. Although Evans Head on the far, far, far northern NSW coast is the ideal holiday destination and ticks all the right boxes, it has managed not to become overdeveloped like many of its coastal rivals. It’s proudly the first prawning port in Australia and is now supported by sugarcane, dairy and tourism.

It’s kept its old surf town charm and, according to locals, the swell of Goanna Headland is the best spot for serious surfers. The 6km stretch of surf beach is made all the more authentic with its homes of fibro and wood – the ultimate in beach shack materials that may never be improved upon.

Two national parks edge Evans Head, Bundjalung and Broadwater, and both are bursting with crinkly coastlines, sand dunes, rainforest, lagoons and wetlands and have a vast array of animals inhabiting them. The parks can be accessed by a number of different walks and there are plenty of interesting opportunities to explore the local Aboriginal culture.

Where? // 713km (9hrs) northeast of Sydney and 225km (3hrs 15mins) south of Brisbane.

Did you know? //
The Bundjalung people once followed semi-nomadic hunting and gathering lifestyles throughout the Broadwater territory.


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