Greater Port Macquarie, NSW coast, long weekend ideas

As one of Australia’s best-loved holiday destinations, Greater Port Macquarie has some heart-stopping action for you adrenalin junkies looking for an adventure on your next long weekend.  

When it comes to action and adventure, NSW’s Greater Port Macquarie is definitely a hidden gem, with skydiving, micro-lighting and abseiling just some of the activities on offer.

Tandem skydiving will get the blood pumping – freefalling at 200km/h before a relaxing parachute provides you with the chance to see Camden Haven’s waterways from the unique perspective of 10000 feet straight up.

And Stony Park water sports and recreation is Australia’s premier water sports paradise, with two man-made lakes consisting of jumps, sliders and kicker rides, as well as ample opportunities for kids to ski, tube-ride or canoe.

Ever dreamed of flying? With Midcoast Micro-lights you have the chance to soar like a bird in an open two-seater aircraft with the professionals.

Edge Experience abseiling will have you hurtling (safely!) 50m down a Camden Haven rock face – although each course begins with a gentle 2m obstacle you beginners.

There’s plenty more to do in the region on a long weekend. How about feeling the wind in your face with a Coast and Country Trike Tour? Their latest offering is a ride on the back of a V Twin Harley Davidson – a great way to cruise in style to nearby Lake Cathie, a round trip of about 40 minutes.


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And for those with younger kiddies (or big kiddies like yourself) go-karting on one of Australia’s fastest tracks or camel rides on Lighthouse Beach are also available.

Greater Port Macquarie is a 4.5hr drive north of Sydney. Check out for accommodation bookings or more information.

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