Have a milkshake at the authentic, 1950s-inspired  Bells Milk Bar, Broken Hill

In the never-ending search for authenticity, Bells Milk Bar in Broken Hill stands out.

If you remember when milkshakes were made with real milk and syrups, a spider was served in a fancy glass and there were stools at the counter, then Bells is for you. Not even close to the “main drag” and originally a confectionary store, Bells was developed by Minnie Pearl Bell, who added the 1950s styling that continues today. “Out of this World” was the marketing slogan for the store, backed up by 1950s alien spaceships on the roof and walls.

Like all things in Broken Hill, the ’80s and ’90s were unkind; the town’s population halved, the Bell family sold out of the business and it became run down. New owners in 2004 restored the milk bar to its former glory and rescued the shop’s recipes and original fittings. Today the syrups are still made onsite, but now you can buy yourself a bottle of syrup or cordial to take away!


WHERE // Patton St, Broken Hill, 1160km west of Sydney and 509km northeast of Adelaide.

DID YOU KNOW? // Broken Hill is the site of the first terrorist act in Australia. On the 1st of January 1915, two Afghans who were unhappy with the British Empire’s hostilities with the Ottoman Empire opened fire on a train loaded with passengers on their way to a New Year’s Day picnic. They were killed after a 90min gun battle. In total four picnickers were killed and seven wounded.



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