Silverton is one of the few well-preserved backdrops from the seminal 1970s movie starring a young Mel Gibson- Mad Max.

Shake off the dust from the road, order a beer at the Silverton Hotel and gaze at the badass Pursuit Special vehicle from Mad Max and Mad Max II, which is usually parked out front.

Silverton has featured in around 140 ads and movies, including the iconic A Town Called Alice. Buy the locals a beer and ask about memorabilia from the movies; apparently a lot of them kept back little treasures and will be only too happy to show them off.

Once you’ve satisfied your curiosity, take the road through to the Mundi Mundi Plains, the very spot used to shoot the opening scene of Mad Max II. And while you’re there, kill two birds with one stone and get a picture of yourself in front of a Big Thing: the world’s largest sundial.

Where // 24km west of Broken Hill near the SA border.

Did you know? // A $2bn wind farm is scheduled to be built on the Mundi Mundi Plains, making it ten times larger than any other in Australia. Silverton was chosen due to its low population density and strong winds.


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