'Wheelie' Review: Batemans Bay Beach Resort



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  • Sharon Read-Harber says:

    I just wanted to congratulate you on including disabled friendly holiday destinations. It is refreshing and profoundly helpful to have articles written by one who deals with using mobility aids and functioning within physical limitations on a daily basis.
    I have MS and have often found that even though accommodation will be advertised as wheelchair accessible it has clearly been promoted as such by someone who hasn’t a clue as to how complex the day to day functions can be for someone who is physically incapacitated.
    I look forward eagerly to Ms Wheelie’s next informative and down to earth recommendation. A truly superb addition to your site!
    Kindest Wishes,

  • Elisabeth Knowles says:

    Vanessa Waller has been a great addition to the AT team. You can read more of her “wheelie traveller” stories by typing those key words into our search bar. Hopefully we’ll get an easier-to-navigate blog section on the website soon. In the meantime you can read her blogs and reviews hot off the press by signing up to the AT Wire, our monthly e-newsletter.

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